The Strengths of an Innovation-Based Portfolio

By: Renato Leggi, CFA, CAIA

The Strengths of an Innovation-Based Portfolio

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Here at ARK, innovation is the name of the game when it comes to our investment strategies, but this is not a very common approach when you look at the larger swathes of investors. On today’s show, ARK Client Portfolio Specialist Dan White sits down with Ren Leggi, ARK Client Portfolio Manager to talk about his recent blog post, titled ‘The Equity Market Cap Associated with Technologically Enabled Innovation Is Likely to Grow Exponentially.‘ Ren provides insight into what the research shows about the potential of innovation-based stocks, and why the growth we have seen in the innovation sector during the last year is likely to keep scaling at an increasing rate. We also talk about what this means for a post-pandemic world, discuss the areas of focus for ARK when it comes to innovative technologies, and how these investments can influence the volatility of a portfolio. Ren makes a strong argument for why backing innovation is not only a good idea but dangerous to ignore, so to hear it all from Ren and Dan, listen in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A little of Ren’s background and work before joining the team at ARK.
  • Adoption acceleration during the era of the pandemic.
  • ARK’s approach to the different avenues of innovation; listing the five platforms.
  • The huge spike in market cap across the five platforms that has occurred over the last year.
  • Assessing the size of this market cap and the projected growth in the near future.
  • How the technologies on the vanguard are helping push each other forward.
  • Tools for measuring and tracking growth and liquidity in the innovation space.
  • Situating this conversation globally and how competition is popping up outside of the US.
  • Possible capacity, thoughts on volatility, and rethinking how to trade innovation stocks.
  • Finding a place for innovative technology within a portfolio of more traditional asset classes.
  • The biggest risk associated with investment right now: under-allocation to innovation!
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