Why ARK Created A 3D Printing Index

September 06, 2016
2 min read
By: Tasha Keeney, CFA

We created the Total 3D Printing Index to track the performance of the 3D printing market as a whole. Watch our 3mins explanation video to better understand the 3D printing opportunity:


3D Printing, or more broadly, additive manufacturing, is the process of building objects layer-by-layer instead of using a mold or removing material from a larger block. This allows for radically new part architectures, decreased costs, reduced weight, and shorter time to production.

ARK believes that continued innovations and improvements in material and printer capabilities will accelerate the adoption and create new applications for additive manufacturing. As the manufacturing industry faces increased pressure to cut cost and gain efficiencies, we think 3D printing provides the core value propositions of higher productivity, lower costs, and better agility.

ARK projects long-term growth opportunities are ahead! As with most disruptive technologies, there is an adjustment period: Let’s remember that it took a while for factories to realize the necessity of moving from the steam engine to electricity. It’s the same with 3D printing.

To learn more, explore our other research on disruptive innovations, like 3D printing and join ARK as we invest at the pace of innovation. You might also like:

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